wednesday night groups

Adult Discipleship Groups are offered Wednesday nights during the school year. Chapel Youth and Chapel Kids take place at the same time. We also offer a home-cooked meal from 5:15-6:15 and groups run from 6:30* -7:30pm.

Adult Discipleship Groups

Spring Session:  April 3rd - May 15th, 2024

Good & Beautiful God - Book Based Series

Leaders: Greg Davis; Jake & Diana Sutton

Room: 220

Description: Based on the book by James Bryan Smith, this group will discover, discuss and practice spiritual exercises that are both surprising and refreshing, while helping participants match up their personal ideas about God with what Jesus  Himself reveals about God.

Joshua: Taking Ground

Leader: Nichole Wilkinson

Room: 221

Description: This group will travel with Joshua and the Israelites across the Jordan into the Promised Land, celebrating the faithfulness of God to do what He says He will do. Participants will discover the faith, obedience and courage it takes to lay hold of all that God has promised them in Jesus. 

Christ Centered Parenting

Leaders: Amy & Dave Beiler; Mike Buie

Room: 222

Description: All Christian parents want to know how to raise their kids in a God centered way. This group focuses on practical tools to parent in a way that honors God and points their children toward Him. Topics include Godly parental leadership, consistent modeling of faith, open communication and disciplining with purpose. 

Grief Share

Leader: Karol Miller

Room: 223

Description: Grief Share is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences. We want to help you find encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. 

Life of David as told by his Wives, Friends and Children

Leader: Sarah Taylor

Room: 224

Description: King David lived a storied life. For all of his success, he was not without his flaws. This group will explore David's life through those who were closest to him, looking to see what we can learn from each of them and most importantly what we learn about God from David's life. 

Estudio Bíblico: Creer

Lideres: Valdemar & Sobeida Arguello

Ubicación: 225 (segundo piso)

Descripción: Viviendo la historia de la bíblia para ser como Jesús: Un estudio bíblico para hispanohablantes.

Financial Peace University

Leader: Rachel Buker

Room: 227

Time: 6:00* - 7:30

Investment: $80.00 per family unit

Description: FPU has helped thousands of people beat debt by teaching a scriptural mindset and plan for our personal finances. If you are looking for guidance with reducing debt, saving and practical help with budgeting, this is the group for you. 

Conquer Men's Group

Leaders: Jordan Crandell & Scott Beasler

Room: 228

Description: Every man needs a battle plan for sexual purity. The Conquer Group will equip you in your mind and heart while helping you walk in the freedom God intends. You will learn proven principles & scriptural truths that will help you and others you share these truths with.