Our Mission:

Christian Chapel exists to help people find and follow Jesus. Everything we do is designed to make it easy for others to take their next steps as followers of Christ.

Our Story

Christian Chapel was founded in 1974 as an Assemblies of God fellowship. 

From the beginning, we were motivated by the desire to experience God with each other, and work together to share God’s story in our world.


The leadership of Christian Chapel has always emphasized children and youth ministries, sacrificial giving to missions, outreach to the community, and worshipping together.


These passions have driven each of our building campaigns.

In 1985 the congregation moved into our present worship facilities on 8.5 acres located at 7807 E 76th St.

In 1995, we dedicated a new missionary-in-residence home located across the street from the church facility, replacing the original home we provided for our missionaries purchased in 1981.

In 1997, church growth facilitated a new youth center, classrooms and an expanded kitchen and parlor area.

In 2010 we were blessed to open The Impact Center. This addition includes additional classroom space, storage and work space for Royal Family Kids Camp, a gymnasium, and permanent office space for Crisis Pregnancy Outreach.


The history of Christian Chapel is greater than our buildings or pastors. Our story is written on the lives of every person that has come to know Jesus through the ministries that God has called us to launch and lead. We celebrate a past filled with people encountering God, being called by Him to make a difference in the world, and leading others into a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. This is who we have been, and who we hope to always be.