Chapel stories

Periodically we are given the privilege of sharing one of our member's stories. These stories are personal, and heartfelt. 

Some are happy, and some are difficult. But the overarching theme in every story is the Story of Jesus!

Michelle Berglind - A Story of Strength

Sometimes our lives take unexpected turns. Sometimes they are detours, and other times they are entirely new paths. Often, this new direction is not what we expected, and sometimes the new path is difficult. But we remain steadfast in God's love, and providence. 

This is Michelle Berglind's story of strength: How even though life took a difficult and unexpected turn, she remained confident in God's love for her, and can now see that the new path was even better than the last.

Hailey Myers - Experiencing God's Peace

Hailey and her husband, Ryan, had a difficult season in their lives. Listen to her story and see how God's peace overcame her in these hard time, and the story of Jesus prevailed.