Christian Chapel Renovation Project

We love helping others move forward in their relationship with Jesus! It’s why we exist as a church. It’s the motivation for every ministry, every leader, and every volunteer. Stories of life change and transformation are our favorite stories to hear, and the most memorable stories we tell.


God has enabled us to be a part of a growing number of transformation stories, which means we’re getting to minister to and build community with more people every week at Christian Chapel. This continued season of growth and new life has highlighted a few facility needs that must be addressed. 

If you would like to make this project a reality, please visit click the button below to give and designate your gifts to the Moving Forward Building Fund. 

Your generosity will help more people experience wholeness in Jesus!


As Christian Chapel continues to grow it has created crowded spaces and caused some significant wear and tear on our facilities. This season of increase has also emphasized issues we have with a confusing building flow and isolated spaces in our building. We are thankful for the growing pains, but we are ready to move forward with solutions. 

Video Walkthrough of Project