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What is kingdom builders?

Kingdom Builders is a way for you to attach your temporary resources to God's eternal kingdom! Kingdom Builders is a kingdom funding mechanism that lets us join together to share the Gospel through Global Missions, Local Ministry, and Next Generation Investments. 

Kingdom Builders is over and above our regular tithe and offering. Kingdom Builders gives us opportunities to evaluate how we can be an even bigger part of sharing His light and life with the world in 2019.

Our 2019 Kingdom Builders goal is $350,000.

Kingdom Builders funding has two tiers. First we fund our monthly support of over 50 missionaries and ministries, and Royal Family Kids Camp and Mentoring Club to minister to children in foster care. Second, we will fund all other projects as God enables. When we hit our $350,000 goal for 2019 all projects will be fully funded by the end of the year.

Below are a list of the partners we are working with in 2019..

Global Missions

  • $130,000 Monthly support of over 50 missionaries and ministries working in over 30 nations
  • $40,000 Spontaneous Blessings
  • $10,000 Live Dead India Business as Mission
  • $10,000 Mass Evangelism and Healing Services in Brazil (Rubens Cunha)
  • $5,000 Home of Hope Technology Improvements (Bangladesh
  • $5,000 Water Wells in Africa

Local Ministry

  •  $70,000 Royal Family Kids (Summer Camp & Mentoring Club for children in foster care).
  •  $15,000 Crisis Pregnancy Outreach.
  • $8,000 Spontaneous Blessings
  •  $5,000 Teen Challenge Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs
  • $5,000 Crossover Community Impact.
  • $5,000 Local Elementary School Ministry.
  • $2,000 Jobs for Life

Next Generation Investments

  • $15,000 Ministry Internships Investing in the Next Generation of Church Leaders.
  • $10,000 Kids & Youth Evangelism & Outreach
  •  $5,000 Christian Chapel Kids Camp & Youth Camp Scholarships.
  •  $5,000 Missions Trip Scholarships for High School and College Students.
  • $5,000 Connected Kids, bringing wholeness to kids from trauma.

If you would like to join in our Kingdom Builders giving for 2019, please complete the Commitment form to let us know you are participating!