wednesday night groups

Adult Discipleship Groups are offered every Wednesday night during the school year. Remnant Students and Kid's Activities take place during the same time. We also offer a home-cooked meal from 5:30-6:45pm before the groups begin. The first session of 2018 Adult Discipleship Groups begins January 10 and concludes February 7.

Group: Loving the Prodigal

Description: We will discover what the Scriptures teach us about loving and praying for the Prodigal. This class is for anyone who is praying for a family member to return to Jesus.

Leader: Paula Lau & Renny Bailey, Room 223 (2nd Floor Impact Center) 

Group: Spiritual Disciplines

Description: Richard Foster’s book, Streams of Living Water, (available in class) will help us celebrate the great traditions of the Christian Faith. We will seek a balanced approach to spiritual formation in the new year.

Leader:.Greg Davis & Sean Terrel, Room 223 (2nd Floor Impact Center) 

Group: Developing Sticky Faith for Kids & Teenagers

Description: How can the local church, parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, mentors and leaders help create faith in Christ that sticks with kids and teenagers? Join us each week as we learn what the scriptures and recent research reveal to us about building life-long faith for this generation.

Leaders: Cherokee Hill, Room 222 (2nd Floor Impact Center) 

Group: Single Mom's Care Group

Description: Single moms have a chance to make a tremendous impact! We want to support each other through deepening friendships and encouragement.

Leader: Stephanie Hill & Trisha Sholar, Room 225 (2nd Floor Impact Center)

Group: Men's Group

Description: Join a group of men on a journey to become more like Jesus. Each week we will explore what the Scriptures teach us about walking with Jesus and how He transforms every part of our lives, including our relationships at home, at work, and with our friends.

Leader: Bob Fouch, Ken Preaus & John Patton, Room 221 (2nd Floor Impact Center)