homegroups are an essential part of our church, as they provide a place where deeper fellowship and better support for one another can take place. Take a moment to explore the list of different homegroups offered this year. Want more information, or ready to sign up for a homegroup? Just click the leader's name and you will be able to contact them directly.

2017/2018 homegroups

Group: College & Young Adults

Location: Jenks/South Tulsa

Leaders: Dewayne & Lori Willis, Bill & Trudy Tims

Group: Young Couples

Location: Broken Arrow

Leaders: Chris & Angie Dow

Adam & Whitney Guthmann

Group: Young Families

Location: South Tulsa

Leaders: Beau & Ellen Buchanan

Matt & Randi McComber

Group: Parents of Teens & Young Adults

Location: South Tulsa

Leaders: Stephanie Hill & Sara Stophel

Group: Parents of Teens & Young Adults

Location: Sapulpa/Jenks

Leaders: Dan & Renny Bailey

James & Tamara McIntyre

Group: Multi-Generational

Location: South Tulsa

Leaders: Michael & Lori Griffith

Nathan & Andrea Jannasch

Group: Multi-Generational

Location: South Tulsa/Bixby

Leaders: Rick & Paula Lau

Gary & Cherie Coleman

Group: Active Multi-Generational

Location: South Tulsa

Leaders: Charles & Kelley Mather

Carl & Carlene Quist

Group: Empty Nesters

Location: South Tulsa

Leaders: Richard & Sharon Berumen

Ed & Marilyn Guthmann

Group: Bible Study Group

Location: Christian Chapel Café Room

Leaders: Tresa Harrison

Phone: 918-688-0877