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Celebrating Dad - 

Father’s Day is June 18. It’s a chance for us to celebrate dads and the significant role they play in our lives. The scriptures and ongoing research highlight the importance of fathers in shaping the lives of their kids and families. On Father’s Day, we’ll take a few moments in our services to celebrate dads, pray for dads, and enjoy a few fun elements before, during, and after service.


Proverbs 22:6 tells us that parents have a responsibility to, "Train up a child in the way they should go; even when they are old, they will not depart from it." Ephesians 6:4 reminds us that fathers play a unique role in nurturing their children's emotional well-being. It says, "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." The scriptures are clear that dads have a serious mandate to stay engaged in the lives of their kids. Current research shows why it is so important for fathers to embrace their biblical responsibility. 


Dads are a key component in creating a loving and supportive environment that fosters emotional healthy and resilient kids. The Journal of Marriage and Family notes that kids with engaged fathers usually enjoy higher academic achievement, better grades, and higher graduation rates. A report from the National Fatherhood Initiative underscores the impact of involved fathers on reducing risky behaviors among children. 


Scripture and research confirm the crucial role of fathers. Father’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate the dads who are present and engaged, and mourn the loving dads that we have lost. We also remember that if our dad was absent or disengaged that God’s grace is sufficient to lead us into a whole and healthy life. 


If you’re a dad, be encouraged that everything God calls you to do, He equips you to do. Even if you feel like your contributions are overlooked or occasionally unappreciated, what you are doing matters! We see you, we honor you, and we’re here to support you as you lead your family!

Chris Dow

Lead Pastor

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. 

- Billy Graham -

Freedom from Addiction - Ben Groenwald (submitted by Marty Groenwald)

My husband Ben had been a smoker for decades of his adult life. He had tried to stop several times during our marriage with no success. 

In February of 1994, we were at a church conference in Evergreen, Colorado. At one point during one of the meeting, the leader noticed that there were several smokers present and asked if any of them would like to be set free from that addiction. Ben responded and went forward for someone to pray with him. As they prayed, Ben was completely and miraculously set free from his desire to smoke. 

God not only took away the addiction, but also graciously and supernaturally healed Ben of a deep and persistent cough that he had developed from years of smoking. That wasn’t the end of the miracle. God took away Ben’s addiction, healed his lungs and his cough – but when we returned to our home we were amazed to find that there was no smell of smoke anywhere in the house. 

Despite decades of smoking, there wasn’t a hint of a scent of smoke in Ben’s favorite chair, there was no residual smell in his closet as there had been for years, there was no smell on any of his clothes. Even the ashtrays that Ben had used so often had no smell of smoke whatsoever.  

God had completely set him free, healed him, and removed every sign from our home. It was a complete, thorough, and miraculous occurrence!



Wednesday, May 31st - Saturday, June 3rd - YOUTH CAMP

Sunday, June 4th

6:00pm - 8:00pm I Homegroups I Chapel Youth D-Groups I Chapel Kids I Nursery [get involved]

Monday, June 5th - Thursday, June 8th I 6pm - 8pm I MEGA Summer Camp [sign up]

Wednesday, June 7th

REMINDER: No family dinner, adult discipleship groups or chapel kids groups during June & July. Activities resume August 23. 

No Chapel Youth because of MEGA

Saturday, June 10th - Sunday, June 18th I Paraguay Missions Trip

Wednesday, June 14th

REMINDER: No family dinner, adult discipleship groups or chapel kids groups during June & July. Activities resume August 23. 

6:30pm - 7:30pm I Chapel Youth

Sunday, June 18th I 9:15am & 10:45am I Fathers Day

(No HomeGroups due to Father’s Day)

Wednesday, June 21st

REMINDER: No family dinner, adult discipleship groups or chapel kids groups during June & July. Activities resume August 23. 

6:30pm - 7:30pm I Chapel Youth

Wednesday, June 28th

REMINDER: No family dinner, adult discipleship groups or chapel kids groups during June & July. Activities resume August 23. 

6:30pm - 7:30pm I Chapel Youth

Summer Wednesday Night Schedule

Our Wednesday night Adult Discipleship groups and Chapel Kids groups do not meet during June and July. We take this short break to create more time, space. and volunteer capacity for our summer events and activities. Our normal Wednesday night schedule resumes in late August. 

Meet A Missionary

Serving Paraguay - Shaun & Sara Morton

Sara and Shaun Morton are dedicated and active members at Christian Chapel. You can find them smiling and shaking hands in our hallways, inviting friends, and serving at various events. Even as they serve so faithfully in Tulsa, half of their hearts are in Paraguay.

When Sara was a teenager, God spoke to her about following Him to go wherever He would lead. Shaun experienced a call into some form of ministry as a teenager. The couple married during college. After marriage, Shaun went on a mission’s trip to Mexico where he felt God was calling the Morton family to serve as missionaries in another country. By this time, Shaun & Sara had welcomed their daughter Abi into their family. The Morton’s spent one year in Guatemala serving different ministries. During that year they discovered a God-given passion to serve children that had been removed from their families. 

Following the year long commitment in Guatemala, they began to search for open doors to work with orphans. After knocking on doors all over the world, they discovered a ministry in Paraguay looking for directors at a small children’s home. Although they didn’t hear any special word or direction from the Lord, they were willing and there was a need. Sight unseen, they moved their family to Paraguay in February of 2009.

Upon their arrival in 2009, only one of the ministry's twelve homes were open. They were caring for ten children. Most of the property was abandoned and overgrown. At that time the school on the property was being staffed, paid for, and run by the government. God gave Shaun & Sara a vision to see lives transformed through the love of Jesus. Through these transformed lives future leaders could be raised to know Jesus and help transform the future of the nation of Paraguay. 

Today, there are three homes for minor children and two homes for aging out teenagers and young adults on the campus of Serving Paraguay. The model for their children’s home is family based environments, where children are placed in a loving home with a full time, Christian mother and father to care for their needs. The school was privatized in 2011 and grew from 66 students in 2010 to 300 students today. It has expanded from an elementary and middle school to a K4-12th grade Christian school. Serving Paraguay also established a scholarship program for graduates from their high school and have seen the community begin to be transformed through Christ’s love.

The Morton’s have witnessed God’s miraculous power in big and small ways as the directors of Serving Paraguay. They have endured numerous financial struggles, and been amazed as God has met every need from regular supporters and unknown one-time donors. They heard powerful testimonies and seen so many lives transformed by Jesus.

After years of leading Serving Paraguay as bi-vocational minsters, Shaun & Sara are transitioning into full-time ministry with Serving Paraguay this year. This move will enable them to travel to Paraguay more often, host more teams, develop a broad team of supporters in the US, and devote more time to leadership training and development at the school and children’s homes. You can learn more about Serving Paraguay at

10 q's with


  1. What do you do at Christian Chapel (and for how long)?
    I am the youth pastor. I have been in this position full-time since June of 2022

  2. Who would it be if you could meet anyone from the Bible other than Jesus?
    Paul the Apostle. To see his transformation and eventual work would be incredible. He was on fire, incredibly intelligent, and fearless.

  3. What are three words that best describe your personality?
    Calculated, Open, Calm.

  4. If you weren’t a pastor, what job would you want?
    I’d go back into education – whether teaching or administrating!

  5. Who’s in your family?
    Rachel (wife) // Jeff and Janel Schmitt (parents), Samson and Noah Schmitt (brothers)

  6. Did you work with Youth before becoming the Youth Pastor at Christian Chapel?
    I worked with teenagers before becoming the youth pastor. In my full-time job, at Union Public Schools as a 7th Grade geography teacher, as well as as a Chapel Youth volunteer leader at Christian Chapel.

  7. What do you love about living in Tulsa?
    The weather (compared to Minnesota), the culture, the cost of living, and Tulsa’s growing unique culture and identity.

  8. What do you love about Christian Chapel?
    The culture of serving. It’s incredible. I also love that we invite the Holy Spirit into our services, small groups, and systems.

  9. What are you excited about concerning the future?
    Continue to see our students grow into God's full calling on their lives and see all that God does through our youth after they leave Chapel Youth.

  10. What is your most memorable moment from being a pastor?
    Praying for students to receive healing, and they receive it! It is truly an honor to see God work and see first-hand His miraculous power at work.


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